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Opening New Doors

Meet Your Team

Jordan Davis

Founder and Lead Agent
  •  Jordan@yourdavisteam.com

    This is Jordan!

    Jordan founded the company in 2013 and is the heart and soul of the team. Her passion for helping others and doing whatever it takes for her clients is the benchmark the rest of the company uses to keep up! Jordan comes from a strong background of over 10 years in contracts and negotiations. She part of the Agent Leadership Council and Chairs the Growth and Commercial Committees. When not selling real estate, or growing the team, she enjoys being a “boy mom” to her two handsome boys!! Fun facts about Jordan: she grew up riding motorcycles, worked in a motorcycle shop growing up and plays competitive Volleyball!!

Matt Davis

Owner and Team Lead
  •  matt@yourdavisteam.com

    This is Matt!

    Matt runs the operations for the company and is the visionary of the team. He brings almost 10 years of experience working with
    fortune 500 companies in Business to Business Sales, Presentations, Management, and Systems. He is truly passionate about helping other achieve success they did not think possible; whether that’s for our team members growing in their businesses or our clients achieving their Real Estate goals! Matt grew up on a ranch and is a full-blooded Texan dating back to the Alamo! He is also a die-hard Aggie and during football season you will find him rooting for his alma mater. 

Leah Reil

Director of Operations
  •  leah@yourdavisteam.com

    This is Leah!

    Leah is the glue that holds all of this together! Her desire for everything to be in its place and for the day to be organized is only matched by her love for her Weiner Dog “Charlie.” She is very passionate and dedicated to providing the best client experience for the Team. Anything less than 5 stars service is a failure to her. Did we mention she is competitive?! She also channels that competitive spirt into competing in Cross Fit competitions with her Husband while training in their converted two car garage gym! She has been a licensed agent since 2013.

Valencia Jackson

Lead Inside Sales Agent
  •  Valencia@yourdavisteam.com

    This is Valencia!

    Valencia started with The Davis Team & in Real Estate in January 2017. Prior to that she graduated with honors from Texas Tech University on a full scholarship for Track. Valencia started with the team as an administrative assistant, where she learned the buying & selling process, managed the customer experience, & wrote the team's handbook of processes. With coaching through Monica Reynold's Perfect Real Estate Assistant, she nailed it as our admin & paved the way for future talent to succeed. Valencia recently took a promotion to run our Inside Sales department where she gets her kicks from cultivating leads into relationships. Her nickname on the team is Mighty Mouse, as she is energetic, spunky, positive, & persistent. Valencia is also an incredibly hard worker; afterall, she's a Davis.

Ann Putnam

Buyer Agent
  •  ann@yourdavisteam.com

    This is Ann!

    Ann started in Real Estate in 2014 & with The Davis Team in May of 2017. Prior to that she served 35 years as a surgical nurse, always with a side job in sales because Ann is a hustler. Afterall, she's a Davis! Last year, as an individual part-time agent, Ann capped at Keller Williams. And yet, she still chose to partner with The Davis Team for the systems, support, & synergy. Ann's nickname on the team is Ms Ann, usually because she has said something sassy or sarcastic (Missss Aaaaann). Ann is an incredibly hard worker & keeps us all on our toes. She is passionate about & tenaciously defends her clients' real estate goals. Ann is a great asset to this fast-paced, ever-evolving team!

Amanda Benoit

Buyer Agent
  •  amanda@yourdavisteam.com

    This is Amanda!

    Amanda is a self motivated go-getter and one of the most well rounded members of the Davis Team (after all, she did intern with the US Embassy in Venezuela while in college!). Building on her relationships with a wide array of people, Amanda excels in representing clients best interest while aiding them in finding their perfect home. A fun fact about Amanda is that she can't live without chapstick and her dog, and is a self proclaimed "foodie!"

Katelin Dudley

Marketing Coordinator
  •  katelin@yourdavisteam.com

    This is Katelin!

    Katelin does creative design & marketing for The Davis Team. She's friendly, & patient, & downright darling. She does as many revisions as our team requires & always with that endearing smile of hers. Afterall, she's a Davis. Katelin is a former elementary school teacher & recently resigned to stay at home with her two beautiful blonde-haired babies. She manages the team's marketing virtually. Katelin & her husband have been church friends with The Davises for years & in 2016 became clients, selling in Mira Lagos & buying a John Houston home on an acre in Midlothian. Imagine that, a real estate relationship so great that you decide to join 'em!

Charles Snow

Transaction Coordinator
  •  charles@yourdavisteam.com

    This is Charles!

    Charles was the first team hire in February of 2016. He is retired after 30+ years as a Director of Radiology for a hospital & now works virtually from Oklahoma City as our transaction coordinator. Charles first studied real estate in 2003 when he got his masters from OSUOKC. We lovingly call him Mr. Charles. He's best known for hanging up the phone first, quietly groaning when we change a process, & staying calm & cool at all times.

Richelle Ziebarth

Executive Admin 

  •  Admin@yourdavisteam.com

    This is Richelle!

    Richelle is a stay at home mom of three converted to our office Mom! She is highly organized, detailed in every way and can multi-task with the best of them. She brings her years of organizing schedules, PTA meetings, and running her home. She's looking forward to taking those systems & implementing them with our real estate clients to ensure the best experience possible! Some fun facts about Richelle: she was an Army brat, loves to run and if stranded on a desert island she would want a blank “because I am always cold!” 

Erica Day

Showing Agent

  •  move@yourdavisteam.com

    This is Erica!

    When Erica is not staying at home with her two precious girls she is a showing Agent for The Davis Team. Her husband is a general contractor and her home is always buzzing with real estate talk. It is only natural that she decided to get her real estate license and put her own mark on the industry. She loves connecting with her clients and seeing their face light up when they find that perfect home. A fun fact about Erica is she a self-taught calligrapher and is a closet book worm!